Till death do us part in dealing with chronic illness such as Parkinson’s disease…By Dr. De Leon

August 21, 2018

Sharing this recent posting from Dr. De Leon about relationships and chronic illness. #ParkinsonsAwareness #chronicillness


“There is simply no medicine that will cure what happiness can’t cure.”
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In a time when marriages end faster than we can say “I do” how to make a marriage work in the midst of living with a chronic illness is no easy feat.
Establishing a balance with your partner can be a daunting task. After living with a chronic illness for more than ½ of our marriage, I have learned a few tricks to make things work better and keep the flame going. This requires a great deal of love, patience, forgiveness, and mutual respect.
We must think first of marriage and romantic relationships as an empty treasure chest. Here we put for safe keeping all our goals, dreams, desires, expectations and most prized possessions that speak of our past and our future. But, we can only draw from it what we have made a…

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Mushrooms, Elephants, Young at Art, and a New PD Movement Study

August 10, 2018

It’s been a while since we shared any news but thought you might be interested in this Parkinson Social Network newsletter/update!

Parkinson Social Network

Sorry about the this week’s title, but I really couldn’t figure out how to tie it all in together in a few words! I hope you find something of interest to you, or someone you know.

Cafe McLean
We heard about some very interesting collections at our cafe on Wednesday, namely – mushrooms and elephants! Our mushroom collector collects mushroom shaped jewelry but was also knowledgeable about the different kinds of mushrooms, and has even traveled to Europe to hunt for mushrooms with other enthusiasts. It was fun learning so much about them, particularly as we’ve had 4 different kinds growing in our backyard this summer. The photo above is of one kind – almost the size of dinner plates.

Our elephant collector brought several of her favorites, each with it’s own story, which led to stories from a couple of our friends about their rides on elephants. I’m looking…

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A Farewell to Ali

June 5, 2016

Sharing Karl’s thoughts on the passing of Muhammad Ali.

A Soft Voice In A Noisy World

He is an will be missed! He is and will be missed!

I never met the man but just knowing that he was there meant something. He meant so much to so many in countless genres. He fought the ultimate fight with a quiet grace after making lasting marks  that thus changed and broke open multiple conversations that would span the globe.

His body may have moved on but his presence and impact will live as long as humankind continues to exist. He fought a long battle with an opponent that plays by no rules. Unlike boxing, with illness there is no telling when to block or duck from such a blow. His path and fame has opened many doors and paved many roads that have helped to shed light on the importance and expediency of the need to aid those trying to navigate Parkinson’s disease.  We have lost a great friend to our community and a…

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10 Observations For People With Parkinson’s To Consider

October 13, 2015

Karl posted today a blog posting today that I thought the followers of this blog may want to read.  Here’s the link to that blog posting:

Source: 10 Observations For People With Parkinson’s To Consider

Michael J Fox Foundation Third Thursdays Webinar 8/20 – Dementia with Pakrinson’s

August 6, 2015

Sign up today for the Michael J Fox Foundation’s upcoming Third Thursday Webinar 8/20 on Dementia with Parkinson’s: What We Know and How We’re Trying to Stop it.

Event Registration.

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Public Forums for Input on Human Services Needs in Fairfax County | Fair Oaks Parkinson’s Support Group

July 27, 2015

The Fair Oaks Parkinson’s Support group posted this article for upcoming forums in Fairfax County to hear from the public about gaps in human service needs and potential solutions.

Public Forums for Input on Human Services Needs in Fairfax County | Fair Oaks Parkinson’s Support Group.

Everyone has a story to tell, a life lesson to teach

July 24, 2015

Great inspiration from Sheryl about how a unique encounter changed her perspective.

Living Well with Parkinsons Disease


By Sheryl Jedlinski

How long must some of us live with Parkinson’s disease before we accept, that for better or worse, the changes it brings to our lives are here to stay? Oh, I know, we think we have accepted the ways of our new lives, but when tested, we often discover that we give ourselves more credit than we deserve.

Take the day my husband and I went shopping for a kitchen set. We knew what we wanted in terms of size, fabric and price, but had not considered additional features necessitated by advancing Parkinson’s disease. Do the chairs have a stable base? Swivel and rocking chairs can trigger loss of balance and falls. Is the seat firm enough that I don’t end up in a sink hole that I can’t get out of on my own? How easy is it for me to push the chair away from the…

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